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Daniel Garza

Changes come to 100% de Agave

100% de Agave opened its doors 9 months ago and has had a blast getting to know the area and serving the community. We are looking forward to 2014 with new menus, several new tequilas and a new drink selection. 100% De Agave is proud to be apart of the growing golden triangle community and the residents of the Beauvallon have welcomed us and supported this past year. From the management and staff we are grateful for every opportunity you have given us to serve you and we look forward to another fruitful year.

Some of the major changes include a new menu with 5 new Jalisco flavors finally perfected after the last three months of experimenting with new sauces spices and produce. Our cooking staff has travelled to Jalisco 3 times in the last year to study under world renowned Mexican culinary masters and with these sharpened skills they are ready to share their newest creations.  Of course our current menu items will be changing so please get join us soon before your favorite dish is temporarily off the menu.  We hope to continue cycling through old and new dishes giving our customers new flavors to sample every few months. This is the beginning of the next step for 100% De Agave and we are proud to serve Denver Mexican food lovers with our twist on Jalisco inspired dishes.

More tequilas will be filling our shelves this year with our plans to add 25 more tequilas to the menu in February.  100% De Agave is proud of its selection and is excited to be bringing our locker owners a new selection to fill those dwindling bottles and spaces. If you haven’t signed up for a personal locker space yet, no problem we are adding new locker spaces to fill the growing demand.  For the last 6 months we have started tequila tasting events in an effort to find what inspires our customers and the preferences in tequila. Each event has been a learning experience and those experiences have guided us to a very special selection of premium tequilas only found in remote parts of Mexico and imported privately for our connoisseurs.  These select tequilas will soon be available but might not last long enough to make it on our next tequila menu print, so please ask your server for more information. Stay updated on our blog, we will be posting our selection on the blog and on the tequila menu on the site.

New Tequilas and new cocktails in 2014. With a newer selection of tequilas comes a new variety of Cocktails. Don’t worry we will still poor you a spicy agave when requested but the bar tending staff has been working on 5 new cocktails for 2014 and we are extremely excited to let you dive in. Now you can enjoy Denver’s best Mexican food while also enjoying Denver’s best Margarita and cocktails.

100% De Agave would like to once again thank you for allowing us to cook and serve you.  We are honored to be apart of the Denver Community. Join us for new menu items, tequilas and new cocktails in 2014. Happy Holidays and Happy New Years.

100% De Agave team